1:40 – Professionally, What do I do apart from speaking about Dubai, UAE?
5:06 – Will the Dubai, UAE Authorities deport me, if I ‘like’ or ‘share’ your videos?
7:49 – Did I move to Thailand for Thai Citizenship? Or Did I get married to a Thai Woman for the Thai Passport?
10:43 – Is Qatar paying me money or giving me benefits for spreading information about Dubai, UAE?
12:36 – How did I manage to get a visa in Dubai, UAE while having Tattoos on my face & body?
15:56 – How did I make money or get employment in Dubai, UAE with a tattoos on my face & body?
18:39 – Why did I get deported from Dubai, UAE?
21:36 – How did I manage to keep a girl-friend or have a relationship especially in Dubai, UAE being an Islamic Country?
24:38 – Is Dubai, UAE finished due to the crisis?
27:04 – Do I advice investing in Dubai, UAE?
28:48 – My prediction for UAE in 2019?
30:58 – My prediction for UAE during Expo 2020?
33:48 – My prediction for UAE post Expo 2020 – UAE in 2021?
35:42 – Why is it that I do not speak good about the UAE or post positive videos about Dubai, UAE?
37:34 – Why do I only speak about Dubai & not other topics?
38:38 – How do I help people get jobs in Dubai, UAE?
41:09 – How do I survive during Expo 2020 & post Expo 2020?
42:24 – I am a Jordanian with a Canadian Passport. Will I get a good job in Dubai, UAE?
43:45 – My dad is 54 years old. How can get a well-paying job in Dubai, UAE?
45:40 – It is a good time to migrate to Canada? Will I get a good job in Canada?
47:26 – If Dubai, UAE is not doing so well, how come Dubai Airport celebrated 1 Billion Passengers?
49:18 – If Dubai, UAE is not doing well, how come I have a well paying job of AED 20,000 per month?
51:27 – Can you guarantee me a well-paying job?
53:28 – How can I start a business without any money?
54:57 – What is the reason so many expats are not getting jobs in Dubai, UAE?
57:57 – Can I get a job if I am 100% honest in my Resume & Interview?
01:00:45 – I have 15 years experience. Why is it I am not getting any job in Dubai, UAE?
01:03:16 – When should I leave UAE? or When is the right time to leave UAE?
01:04:42 – Why do you only focus on the negative about Dubai, UAE? Why don’t you talk negative about India when India has more drawbacks than Dubai, UAE?
01:06:08 – What do you think about the Educational System in Dubai, UAE?
01:08:22 – What do I honestly think about Emirati Locals in Dubai, UAE?
01:12:25 – What is my biggest regret leaving Dubai, UAE?
01:13:06 – What is the best advice I can give the Expats who are in Dubai, UAE?

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33 Questions On Dubai, UAE, Expo 2020, Jobs in UAE & Life in Dubai, UAE

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