Local UAE fishermen using an 800-meter net to catch fish in Al Aqah, UAE.

Join us as we watch them drag their net in and sort fish fresh from the sea. We have been traveling to Al Aqah for 6 years and buying fish directly from the fishermen in the bear in the morning, then cleaning and grilling them over a wood fire on the beach at sunset.

Our favorite fish is a Diamond Trevally, very tasty and has mostly large bones making it easy to eat. Cooked over a wood fire it is amazing!

If you wish to visit this area, it is on the east coast of the UAE and is our favorite, we prefer it over the western side. Normally it is cooler and the water seems cleaner to us.

🏨Le Meridian is our choice of places to stay, but Rotana is nice also, and further down the beach is Snoopy Island, great for snorkeling with the turtles.

🚗Google Link to Al Aqah beach

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Traditional Fishing in UAE using an 800 Meter Net – Life in the United Arab Emirates

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